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I HAVE JUST ONE solitary wildlife collection, right now – even though I find wildlife photography more rewarding that any other kind of photography! Nevertheless, over the past year or so, I’ve had to take a temporary step back from wildlife work. The images I’ve selected here, to make available as prints, were all taken shortly before I decided to commit myself to professional photography, full time.

That meant, unfortunately, that I had no choice but to part with my telephoto and macro (close-up) lenses – in order to invest in top quality equipment for portrait and commercial work. However, I’m determined to get back to wildlife photography as soon as I’m able to do so! I hope you enjoy the images in this collection as much as I do – and if you decide to buy a print or two, you’ll be helping me on my way back to fine-art wildlife work… That’s why I’ve called this initial collections “Glimpses, part one” – because hopefully, I’ll be able to add some more collections to this page, before too long!

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GLIMPSES, part one

BRADFORD-ON-AVON has long been associated with swans – and almost every year that I lived here, a pair of Swans built a nest just below the famous medieval bridge, in the heart of the town. In 2017 I was able to capture this series of photographs, following the mother and her cygnets on their first adventurous journey downstream, along the river Avon. Later the same year I acquired a top-quality macro lens, designed for close-up photography of very small subjects such as insects and butterflies. I didn’t have this lens at my disposal for very long, but I was able to capture some wonderful images with it, two of which are included in this set.