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IMPRESSIONS PHOTOGRAPHY offers a wide range of photography service packages, for different purposes – as set out in the Services Overview, below. Each of these packages includes a comprehensive set of benefits, as standard.


PLANNING & PREPARATION – In-depth consultation, creative advice and practical organisation
STYLING SERVICES – A range of optional services, including clothing and prop-hire, hair and make up etc.
EXPERT COACHING – Professional, easy-going, expert direction on how to pose, just like an actor or model!
FULLY EDITED IMAGES – A set of favourite images, professionally edited to fine art quality in Photoshop
EXPERT RETOUCHING – To make sure you look your absolute best… But also, 100% natural and realistic
CREATIVE STYLING – A range of optional special effects – such as compositing, artistic renderings etc.
BATCH EDITING – of all the original images (typically, over 100) to high quality, for social media use etc.
A LUXURY PHOTOBOOK – A custom-designed, linen-bound photo album, featuring all your favourite images
A VIDEO SLIDESHOW – Custom-designed and edited, with a sound-track chosen from a vast music library!
FINE ART PRINTS – A built-in budget which allows you to choose a set top-quality prints, in various sizes.
DISTRIBUTION – I can arrange for your chosen set of gift items to be delivered to a list of recipients.

THE EXACT DETAILS of some these special features varies according to the service offered. For example, The Classic Portrait service includes fewer edited images and a lower print budget than others, thereby substantially reducing the minimum cost of this package and making it more affordable to clients with a limited budget.

EACH OF MY SERVICES, MOREOVER, can be fully customised to your needs. Every costed item has a transferable budget, which means that if you don’t require a particular feature, you can transfer its budget onto something you’d like to increase – such as more (or larger!) prints.



The object of a classic portrait shoot is to show you at your very best, giving you a stunning set of personal images to print, display and share with pride!


The point of a creative photoshoot is to express your personality and tell a vivid story, with a cool collection of digital images, video and fine art prints...


A couple photoshoot can vividly dramatise the story of your relationship, giving you a treasury of priceless images and prints... To last you a lifetime!


What could be more precious, and uniquely personal, than a beautiful collection of timeless family images to print, share, and enjoy together?


The point of a garden shoot is to celebrate the effort you put into your garden, by creating a beautiful set of images, video and prints – to treasure and share.


The purpose of a commercial photo shoot is to produce a striking array of images, prints and video – to capture and hold your customers’ attention and interest.