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Please note that some of the images shown on this page feature nudity or semi-nudity and might on these grounds be considered unsuitable for viewing in public places, or in a family or work environment.


RISQUÉIS A FINE ART PROJECT that I initiated, on an experimental basis, in the Summer of 2018, under the working title, “Go Wild!”. It’s aim is to collaborate with experienced and amateur models to produce individual sets of creative portraits, with a view to sharing any revenue that may arise from the work, including print sales.

This approach is a little unusual in fine-art photography but it seems appropriate to me in this particular case, given that the overall aim of the project, is not only to celebrate wild, liberated, joyful, sensual and carefree moments in life – and most importantly, to do so in a particularly personal way, which depends critically upon the model’s creative participation.

IT SEEMS REASONABLE that a talented model who works closely with a photographer – contributing unique ideas, imagination, experience and personality to the project in ways which add value and authenticity to the end result – ought to receive a fair share of its success. I hope you agree! 

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  • EACH RISQUÉ SERIES is organised into a two-fold sequence of alternating full colour and monochrome images. In the first set, the initial image in the sequence is in colour and second, the initial image is in black and white.

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TENISHA at Warleigh Weir

WHEN I MET TENISHA at this amazing location, she quickly came up with her own ideas and suggestions – which soon led to us both scrambling up and down a steep river bank (several times), wading across the river (ditto), walking precariously along the top of a waterfall, clambering over a farm gate and walking along country paths overgrown with massive banks of stinging nettles… But to be fair, it was only Tenisha who had to pose underneath the waterfall and get totally drenched! The results, are surely well worth all the effort that went into capturing them.


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ROBYN at Brean Beach (forthcoming)…

ROBYN'S IDEA for this project was to tell a beach-holiday story, based around her custom-built camper van – but we soon discovered that our intended location would be unavailable to us for a few hours. Robyn drove with me up and down the Somerset coast in search of somewhere else to shoot and before too long, we found a location we both liked – and we captured some lovely images there, before heading on back to the beach. Throughout this time, Robyn was full of creative suggestions and ideas – and the results are delightful.

ARTEMIS at home (forthcoming)…

MY RISQUÉ SHOOT WITH ARTEMIS FAUNA gave me the strong impression that I'd just been treated to a masterclass in fine art photography. I don't always find it easy to explain my ideas, but Artemis displayed an uncanny ability to read my mind, in terms of posing, visual story-telling and expression - and she also made a number of really helpful technical suggestions based on her own personal knowledge and experience of photography. The fact that her lovely home in Malmesbury is equipped with some very handy studio lights was another welcome bonus!