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AS A MAJOR NEW PROJECT for the coming year, I’ve decided to I’ve put together a number of small collections of my favourite landscape photography work, to offer for sale as top quality fine-art prints. Each series focuses on a particular time and place, and therefore, has its on particular mood and tells it’s special own story. I find the whole process of capturing such precious images immensely satisfying, and it’s wonderful to be able to offer other people the chance to appreciate and treasure them too!

  • IN THE LIGHTBOX DISPLAYS below, you can click on any image to enlarge for a closer look – and then use the arrow keys to flip through the whole set.

  • WHEN YOU’RE FEELING READY to go ahead and buy a print, clicking on the collection’s PRINT STORE button will take you to a dedicated shopping page where you can place your order, selecting whatever images and sizes you want.

  • BY PLACING A PRINT ORDER, you affirm that you have read and agreed to the RETAIL TERMS & CONDITIONS published on this website. Please take a moment to read these T&Cs before you buy!

  • IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS to ask about my fine art collections, feel free to contact me via the ENQUIRIES page.

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Old Sarum in Summertime

OLD SARUM is the original, iron age site heart of the ancient British city of Salisbury, in Wiltshire, England. At various times the site of a pre-historic hill fort, a Roman settlement, a Saxon stronghold beset by vikings, a Norman castle, a Royal Palace and an early Medieval Cathedral city, Old Sarum it is now a remarkably peaceful and tranquil place and a joy to visit. I had the opportunity to do so in June, 2018, when I was able to spend a day exploring the site. I hope to be back, soon!

WINSLEY in Winter

“WINSLEY and MURHILL in Winter” would perhaps be a more accurate description of this series, but the small hamlet of Murhill, in which I live and work (and took most of these photos) is just a few minutes’ walk from the centre of Winsley and lies within the same church parish. In any case, I think it’s clear that “Winsley in Winter” is a snappier title! I doubt I’d have managed to capture all these photos so successfully, had I not been given a very helpful Christmas present: an excellent pair of photographer’s winter gloves!

Bradford-on-Avon in monochrome

I LIVED IN BRADFORD-ON-AVON for several years, before moving away (by three miles!) to my new home in Murhill. The town has it's deepest-known historical roots in Roman and Anglo-Saxon times, but rose to prominence and prosperity in the 17th century when it became a major centre of the area's thriving wool trade. Indeed, many of the older houses in the town (including the one I lived in!) were originally weavers' cottages. The small building that stands on the town's distinctive bridge (over the river Avon) was originally a chapel, later used as the town lockup. Much visited by tourists during the Summer months, Bradford on Avon is beautiful throughout the year – especially in winter and early spring, as I think these images show!

The Cornish coast in late September

MY FIRST VISIT TO CORNWALL was a special journey undertaken in remembrance of my mother, Janet, who had spent many happy holidays here. It was wonderful to be able to explore some of the magical places that she’d loved so much – and attempt to capture their unique and distinctive beauty on camera. I have a feeling I’ll be heading back to the far South West of England, before too long!