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FOR MANY YEARS, I happen to have lived in houses or flats which lacked any outside space or garden – and this may explain why, ever since I have taken an interest in photography, my attention has always been drawn to flowers, trees and gardens as a subject. Almost everyone love’s flowers, I think – and just as a vase of roses can brighten any room, the same is true of an appealing floral photograph, framed on the wall! As in the case of my wildlife portfolio, I have only one modest collection of flower portraits to show right now – but I’m very much hoping that it will prove to be the first of many.

  • IN THE SLIDESHOW DISPLAYS below, you can click on the right side of the picture to skip forward through the series or on the left hand side to go back.

  • THIS SERIES is organised into a two-fold sequence of alternating full colour and monochrome images. There are sixteen images altogether, comprising two versions of eight original photographs.

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I WAS RECENTLY INVITED to take some photos of a small clump of beautiful white hellebores, catching the early morning sunlight on a cold, sharp day in January. Just a week after I took these photos, they were buried in snow – but they survived, and was so pleased with the images I captured that I decided to compile this gallery, including some earlier prize blossoms from my garden portfolio!