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About me!


MY NAME’S ANDREW CLIFTON and I’m a portrait, commercial and fine art photographer based in South West Wiltshire, near Bath, England. And yes, that’s me up there, on the horse – in Spain, not Wiltshire, in case you’re wondering… The picture was taken by Eva Maria Sigvart, owner of a fabulous riding school and stables in Andalucía called Los Caballos del Mosquin. I recommend it!

I’VE HAD A PASSION FOR THE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY for as long as I can remember – and for many years, I pursued this uniquely rewarding activity purely for my personal pleasure and enjoyment – concentrating mostly on travel, landscape and wildlife. My working life, up until a couple of years ago, had taken an entirely different path. I studied psychology – a subject that still fascinates me, by t he way! – at the University of Durham, before falling, more-or-less by accident, into a London-based, office-bound career that ranged from commercial publishing to digital marketing.

IT WAS ONLY AFTER I MOVED away from London to work remotely, living in the picturesque Wiltshire market town of Bradford-on-Avon, that I started to realise that I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing something more creative, meaningful and personally satisfying. Inspired by the beautiful countryside around me, my interest in photography intensified and I found myself spending a lot more time simply getting out of the house and honing my picture-taking skills – not just landscape work now, but also portraiture and event photography. I explored and studied the creative and practical value of lighting equipment in portraiture, whilst avidly practising my post-production skills, digitally editing my images in Photoshop.

I DISCOVERED, LONG AGO, that the same subject – be it a place, a person, an event or activity, or just a frozen moment in time – can be photographed in any number of of different ways, each of which potentially tells a different story; this is why photography is such a hugely diverse, expressive and creative art-form!

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THE JOY OF CREATIVITY IS WORTH SHARING. When it comes to my landscape and fine-art work, my aim is always to capture my own personal vision of a particular subject, in my own particular style. In my portrait and commercial work however, I’ve found it much more rewarding to collaborate with clients who have their own creative ideas of what they’d like to have captured on camera – and to work with them, to accomplish that goal, bringing my own particular style and experience into the mix.

A GREAT EXAMPLE of a creative exchange came about quite recently, when I invited a fellow photographer, David Shepherd, to take part in a “portrait swap”. I took some pictures of him and he captured some masterly portraits of me – in his own particular style. A skilled photographer should be able to make anyone look more-or-less presentable – even me! As you can see, David did a marvellous job… check out his website, shadowsandlight.uk , for more examples of his work.

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I’VE RECENTLY RELOCATED MY STUDIO from my small house in Bradford on Avon to a large and spacious family home – just three miles away, in the tiny hamlet of Murhill, in between the villages of Winsley and Limpley-Stoke. MURHILL HOUSE now serves as my base-camp, studio, office and home – as well as a fantastic location for creative portraiture, both indoors and out!

SO, I’M WELL AWARE of the fact that there’s a very long way for me still to go, on my professional journey into creative photography…. But right now, I feel that I’m exactly where I want to be, doing exactly what I want to be doing.

You can’t really ask for much more than that, can you?

Andrew Clifton, February 2019